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Monday, April 2, 2007

Carpe Diem Quam Minimum

"Mr Smith it is simple you will do what you are told and you won't be hurt" If you don't then you will suffer do you understand?

We were both on our sides, laying very close together, our bodies barely touching. We kissed softly, gently, our heads propped up on our hands. I felt her tongue on my lips, and then darting between them. Her tongue slipped sensually into my mouth. I held it between my lips, sucking on it gently, and then harder as she began to thrust it into my mouth, as our breathing got harder, as our bodies pressed together.

"Ohhh, I like that," she encouraged, "don't stop."

Of course Harry smiled back, but he turned away from her quickly as he felt the blush spreading across his face. His heart was pounding inside his chest, and he even found he was slightly breathless. But how could she like him? Maybe it was just a friends thing. Maybe Samantha had told Amy she thought Harry was okay, not such a bad guy, not the "dork" the popular kids assumed that everyone outside their clique was.

"Good morning sexy. Dare I ask what that look your giving me is all about?" I say half yawning.

Repeating his actions, my other puppy got clipped as well. I feel the tingling sensation on both breasts. Stopping the flow of blood, they start to throb. As he lightly bites my neck and shoulders I feel his fingers rubbing circles on the now very protruding nipples, making me groan with pleasure. He slides his hand down my body and into my shorts, he touches the wet excitement between my legs. Massaging the lips over my clit, I can feel the cool air go between cloth and skin from the opening he created with his hand, it slaps my clit, that is reaching out to be touched. I can visualize his engorged cock resting up against my backside, just waiting to be released.

I said, "Me too!"

"No, only once. When it was much warmer."

"Our explosive orgasms didn't have pee in them," Chantel sniped back. Seeing the embarrassed hurt come into Julie's eyes, she backed off. "Forget it. What's a little harmless urine between nasty sisters of the Sluthood, anyway? It isn't like we haven't tasted girl piss before."

"Continue to use the salve for the next day or two. You can lower your skirt." I was feeling a little better having seen that her ass was not in as bad a shape as I'd feared.

"That was risky."

"Wow!" one of the frat brothers exclaimed.

Her spasms set you off too at last.

Sebastian found he liked this all the more, the threatening unpredictability pumping his adrenaline and racing his pulse as he started to harden.

I fell off the couch, down to my knees, between his legs, licking his shaft, licking his balls. At this moment I was my son's slave...his cock slut...meant to be on my knees and worship his cock. I was so hot...and so was he.

On this particular night though, she came home drunk as hell and in a vile temper.

"Oh Jesus, Lizzie, is that all you think about?!" Sarah laughed. "There's more to life than sex. He's a 35-year-old telemarketer, sweetie… I don't exactly call that a catch. Besides… he's not my type," she repeated, fishing her purse out from under her desk and slipping her shoes on.

She then got up and turned around grabbing my dick. She began to stroke it as hard and fast as she could.

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